Pedalsport Road-Bike League

Welcome to the 2015 Pedalsport Road-Bike Track League. This is a series of 6 Track-race-based closed circuit Road events at the Brooksbank Cycle Circuit. These are intended to be grass roots racing and there will be no category points available. These races will be open to riders using road bikes suitable under the current rules governing circuit racing. The Youth groups will be gear restricted as per the current rules.

Race Dates/Entry/Results

Week 1 Monday 11th May – Results
Week 2 Monday 25th May – Results
Week 3 Monday 8th June – Results
Week 4 Monday 22nd June – Results | Images
Week 5 Monday 6th July – Results
Week 6 Monday 20th July – Results

Series Links

Enter Events: View/Enter All 6 Events | Series StandingsSeries Videos

How to Enter

1/ Join British Cycling: Entry is handled by the British Cycling (BC) on-line system. To enter the Youth and 4th Cat Men’s events you will need to start by having at least a “Bronze” BC membership (which comes with the necessary provisional licence). To enter the 3rd Cat Men and the Women’s races, you will need “Silver” membership and a full racing licence (purchased separately). The good news is that if you have never had a BC membership (or haven’t had one for the last 2 years), they are currently running offers for members of Go-Ride clubs (like Pedalsport). Simply use the code “newcmra” to claim a free “Bronze” membership or a heavily discounted (£21) silver membership. If you encounter problems with the online membership system, BC encourage you to call their membership dept who will perform the task for you over the phone (Tel: 0161 274 2010).

2/ Enter one or more of the events: After paying to register, entering each of the six events will cost £12 adults and £7 youths. We will be running 4 Groups each night: Youth, Cat 3 Men, Cat 4 Men, Women. Entry numbers are limited to 30 per race group (you can see how many places are left when you enter a race on the BC website). If we don’t reach that, you will be able to enter the races on the day on a first-come, first-served basis. The Youth group will be open only to Youth A and B riders so for this year we will include all children born in Years 1999/2000/2001 and 2002.

Note: “League” membership not required for the last three events – simply pay the event entry fee online or on the day. Riders who had joined the league on or before 17 June will qualify for a free entry to the final round of the series (20 July) – this free entry can be claimed when entering on the day or in the form of a refund at sign-on if you enter the final event online.



There will be prizes given to each category for the points winners of the whole series of 6 rounds. We will ensure that all the adult groups will all receive equal prize money for at least the first 3 positions in the series. The youth series will have a 50% prize fund to reflect the 50% entry fees. Pedalsport Cycling club have committed to use at least 50% of the revenue from these events in the prize fund. The remaining amount will be used by the club to re-invest into the Youth coaching programme for the club.

The Races

We will run a mix of races each week, with each group getting 3 races per week. The races will be based on traditional track races, but tweaked to fit our road circuit venue and the fact that you will be riding road bikes. Races will include – Points Race, Scratch, Devil, Sprint, Unknown Distance, 2-lap Sprint:

How many laps per race?

Youth A & B/Women/4th Cats/3rd Cat
Points Race: 8/8/8/10
Scratch Race: 12/12/12/14
Devil: 10 max/10 max/10 max/10 max
Match Sprint: 1/1/1/1
Unknown Distance: 5 – 15/5 – 15/5 – 15/5 – 20
2 lap sprint: 2/2/2/2

What races on what week?

Odd number weeks (rounds 1,3,5) : Point Race, Match Sprints, Unknown Distance
Even number weeks (rounds 2,4,6): 2 Lap Sprint, Devil, Scratch

The Series Scoring

All races will start with a rolling start from the pit exit down the finishing straight in a close group. Racing will start on a whistle by the line judge when they deem the group to be rolling in a fair manner. Any rider trying to jump start before the whistle will be disqualified from that race.

The top 4 riders in each race will be awarded series points as follows: 1st 5 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points, 4th 1 point. 4th Cat riders who move up to 3rd cat during the series will take their points with them (i.e. theoir 4th cat race points will be moved into the 3rd cat series standings).

Race and league standing results will be posted onto the Pedalsport cycling club website prior to the following event. Current Series Standings

The Races & How They Will Work

Points Race: Riders in the points race will score points as they cross the line every 2 laps and on the final lap. Points will be awarded to the first 4 on the sprint laps. Points will be awarded as follows.

Sprint Laps points 5, 3, 2, 1

Last Lap points 10, 6, 4, 2

Scratch race: The scratch race is a simple bunch circuit race of the pre-determined distance (see above for laps per race). First over the line at the end of the race wins.

Devil (Elimination race): The devil is a bunch race where traditionally the last person over the finish line each lap is eliminated. For the purpose of our league we will eliminate 3 riders each lap. When the race gets to either the final 4 or 5 riders the bell will ring and their positions at the end of that final lap will decide the series points for that event.

Match sprint: This will be a single lap sprint race. The riders will be drawn into 2 heats. The top 5 from each heat will progress to the final. Series points will only be awarded to the top 4 riders in the final.

Unknown distance: As the title suggests this race has no fixed length – riders simply race until the line judge rings the bell for the final lap. For fairness the judges will have decided the length of the race prior to the start whistle.

1 km race – one lap (actually closer to 750m)

2 lap sprint – a short bunch race of two full laps of the circuit.

And Finally

This is the first attempt at running such an event and rules and distances may have to be tweaked as the league progresses. Please have fun and don’t take it too seriously. Even if you win its not going to pay off your mortgage and most of us will need to go to work on Tuesday. Any feedback will be appreciated we really want to promote a successful and enjoyable event. If we make a mistake with finish line calls or you are unhappy with aspects of the racing please have a quiet word with one of the officials – we are a friendly bunch and will certainly listen to constructive feedback.

About The Circuit

The Brooksbank Cycle Circuit is a 750 metre tarmac road circuit located close to the West Yorkshire towns of Elland and Halifax and part of the extensive sports facilities of  The Brooksbank School Sport College. The track was opened in June 2014 and provides a high quality, traffic-free facility for cycle training, coaching and racing. The races will use the blue lap with the competitors using the green area as the pit area.


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